Cumbernauld Theatre poised to make Edinburgh Fringe debut

Cumbernauld Theatre
Cumbernauld Theatre

CUMBERNAULD Theatre Company is making its Edinburgh Fringe debut with Viewless, a political thriller about witness protection.

The surreal drama is a bureaucratic adventure about two men who protect witnesses that do not officially exist.

However an error leaves one witness exposed, and his past is gradually discovered.

A team of Scottish artists including Cumbernauld Theatre artistic director Ed Robson, associate artist Tony Cownie, and composer Bal Cooke created the play which stars Richard Addison, Robbie Jack and Finn Der Hertog.

Ed Robson described witness protection as: “A world which has no borders or flag, but a world none the less.

“Witness protection is a world in which both the innocent and the guilty are alike – and both are hidden away from all public gaze for their own safety.

“This is a place where forgetting who you are may one day save your life.” Ed added: “This is a rarely explored world as, unsurprisingly, there is very little reading on the subject, which makes the explorative process by the creative team all the more exciting.”

Performances are at the award-winning Remarkable Arts theatre on Edinburgh’s Hill Street Theatre. The play previews from August 5-7 and runs from August 8-29 (except Wednesdays).

Tickets, £9/£7, are available from 0131 2266522, or