Cumbernauld to Kilimanjaro

Trekkers on Mt Kilimanjaro
Trekkers on Mt Kilimanjaro

Two Carrickstone women are gearing up for the adventure of a lifetime, in a bid to raise funds for Cumbernauld’s Craighalbert Centre.

Corinne Leslie (above, right) and her pal Sharon Mooney are determined to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, a dormant volcano in Tanzania that’s in the top ten of the world’s most famous mountains – and are asking generous local people to help.

“We developed our love for climbing by doing about seven Scottish Munros (hills over 3,000ft) said Corinne, and were looking for our next challenge.

“Then we had the mad idea of doing Kilimanjaro, as a way of helping Craighalbert (which provides a vital resource for children with motor impairment problems), and we’re already fundraising to help meet the cost of the trip.”

The pair won’t see much of Tanzania’ outwith the climb, as the tight schedule for the adventure means they’ll be flying home almost immediately after the two day climb.

“Apart from the cost of getting there we have to pay for the local guides who take parties of climbers up the mountain,” said Corinne.

“The whole thing is very ambitious,we think it will be worth it – and besides individual donations it would be great if a local company could sponsor us – we’d be proud to fly the flag for Cumbernauld at the summit.”

The climb takes place in late January, giving Corinne and Sharon valuable time to train for their adventure.