Cumbernauld Village’s John was champion cyclist

Road cyclist John Ritchie of Cumbernauld Village.
Road cyclist John Ritchie of Cumbernauld Village.

IN our 50th anniversary supplement, included in the June 29 issue, reference was made to the Ritchie brothers, two talented road cyclists from Cumbernauld Village.

Unfortunately, we reported them to be Matt and Jimmy Ritchie, when in fact they are John and Jimmy Ritchie.

Pictured here is John, circa 1962, with his haul of trophies, including the Scottish Championship.

He was a member of the Denny Cycling Club and competed regularly.

On one such occassion, along with his brother, John took part in a 25-mile race in Dundee.

The pair had no other way to get there other than to cycle, and so they rode their bikes to the start line, raced, and then cycled home again.

In an even more astonishing twist, John finished in first place.

John is now 72 and is still living in Cumbernauld.