Cumbernauld woman now covering from Meningitis at home

Ann Brown judging at an International Culinary Competition in Malta.
Ann Brown judging at an International Culinary Competition in Malta.

A well-know Cumbernauld woman who fell ill in Denmark is back after doctors agreed she was well enough to return to Scotland.

Ann Brown has been able to return to her home in Allanfauld Road after a stint in hospital in the city of Odense.

The cake decorator - known in the trade as the Marzipan Queen- had been creating a sumptuous celebration cake for a society wedding when she became unwell.

Doctors had originally intended to have her airlifted back to Scotland two weeks ago but decided she would benefit from a more prolonged hospital stay.

Mum-of-one Ann who regularly attends The Tryst said: “It feels good to be home and to begin the process of dealing with my recovery. Although my condition was apparently very serious, I can’t recall much of what was going on around me at some points during the worst parts of the illness,

“ I’m just so grateful the ambulance got me to the hospital in time and also for the exemplary treatment I received.

‘‘It means so much to know that people were thinking of me back home while I was in hospital.

“ I feel quite overwhelmed by the concern shown by so many of them and would like to say how much I appreciate the flowers and the lovely cards.’’

Ann is now hoping to return to her business after a full period of recuperation.