Cut food waste and scoop a tasty £150

CUT your waste - and clean up! That’s the message from Kelvin Valley Honey, which has joined forces with the Cumbernauld News and Kilsyth Chronicle to give our readers the chance to win £150 of food vouchers, exchangeable at participating local independent food retailers.

Thursday, 9th June 2011, 8:22 am

Just fill in an online survey about your food waste habits - found at and clicking on Cut Your Carbon Food Shopping and Waste survey – to be automatically entered into the free prize draw.

Statistics show that each year every household in Scotland throws away £600 in perfectly edible, in date, food.

Moreover, when you buy a packet of green beans from Kenya, for example, you are contributing even more tonnes of C02 to the atmosphere by way of the hundreds of air miles taken to deliver it from grower to table.

Each trip by car to the supermarket pumps yet more carbon into the atmosphere contributing to the causes of climate change. Every Scottish household creates tonnes of carbon or C02 through their food shopping and food waste habits.

C02 is the greatest single contributor to climate change. The easy option is to sit back and lay the whole blame on the worst offenders – oil and gas power stations, heavy industry and air travel – believing that, individually and collectively, whatever we do won’t make much of a difference. Well, we couldn’t be more wrong.

Just by changing our travel habits, walking those short journeys rather than taking the car, turning home heating down by a couple of degrees and, crucially, by changing our food shopping and food waste habits, we can really make an impact.

If everyone in the UK increased their local shopping, recycled today’s leftovers into tomorrow’s meal, had a meat-free day and composted food waste, it would be the equivalent saving in carbon or C02 emissions of taking 25 per cent of all cars off the road each year.

We’d like you to do your bit in halting the pace of climate change by making some small changes in your food shopping and food waste disposal habits, it’s easier than you think and to encourage you to take action Kelvin Valley Honey is offering you the chance of winning £150 of food vouchers simply by completing and returning this simple online survey.

What’s more Kelvin Valley Honey will also give you the chance to cut a staggering £100 a month off your household food bills with their special monthly food diary free prize draw competition.

To enter this month’s free prize draw competition simply complete the questionnaire at and follow the link to Cut Your Carbon Food Survey. Completing the survey will take between 15 to 25 minutes online and the survey must be completed in one session. You cannot part-complete the survey and return to it at a later time. Only one copy of the survey can be completed on each computer or laptop.

Or if you prefer, complete the survey on page 44 and return it in an envelope (no stamp needed) addressed to Kelvin Valley Honey, FREEPOST RSRR-EBSL-ATZX, 28 Murray Avenue, Kilsyth G65 0LF. Remember, online or printed copies of the survey must be returned by June 30. You can also access the survey link via the News and Chronicle. websites.