Defiant Kilsyth goalie says ‘when you gotta go, you gotta go’

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Kilsyth man Garry Whyte - goalie with Shettleston Juniors - may have made Scottish football history by being sent off for urinating at his post.

Tweets about the incident, which happened during the 72nd minute of this week’s match with Shotts Bon Accord, have since gone viral.

However debate continues over whether the 21-year-old committed any technical offence, with some on his team claiming: “there’s nothing in the rule book about it”.

Various accounts of the drama suggest that Gary, after pleading in vain with the referee for a brief intermission, was forced to urinate against a wall.

He later wrote on social media: “Played football since I was eight - no red cards until today”.

Garry, who added: “When you gotta go, you gotta go”, had been due to take a kick, and after being refused a brief break took one anyway before returning – at which point he was ordered off.

Later he wrote on the club’s Facebook site: “Canny believe he sent me off tbh”.

Shettleston manager John Fallon jnr has reportedly speculated that the alleged offence was being construed in the same way as foul and abusive language.

He said the team were in shock at the ref’s decision, but pointed out that the team went on to win 1-0 anyway.