Development in Cumbernauld copper cable theft

THERE is a key update on a theft which cut off vital telephone communication for 500 Abronhill residents last month.

We reported how underground copper cable was stolen from Forest Road after a van pulled up on this key route under cover of darkness. A team armed with cutting equipment yanked away at manhole covers and quickly gained access to the complex web of BT wiring underneath, before stuffing it into their van and driving off into the night.

As the cables were made of copper, the thieves were clearly hoping to profit from the booming trade in scrap metal which can command high prices in criminal circles.

It now transpires however that police have managed to stop two individuals in their tracks.

A spokesperson said: “Following police enquiries into thefts of cabling a 43-year-old male and a 35-year-old female are subject of a report to the Procuratot Fiscal in Airdrie.’’