Dim view of dodgy lights

RESIDENTS in Kildrum raised concerns for their safety last week after street lights surrounding icy foot paths stopped working.

Wednesday, 19th January 2011, 10:57 am

A patch of ground outside Lindsay and Gilmore’s Pharmacy near Mossknowe in Kildrum had been coated in ice for some time making the area perilous for pedestrians.

Initially reports had been made to the council regarding two street lights that had stopped working, decreasing visibility in the area.

However, a second call was later reported to the local authority to say that all the street lights surrounding the shop had stopped working in the past week rendering the area a virtual no-go after dark.

Mossknowe resident, William Quinn (66), was already concerned about the proximity of the icy footpath to something as vital as a pharmacy, but said he was waiting on an accident to happen last week when all the lights went off.

William added: “I thought the ice was bad enough. It’s a terrible place for it to have formed because it meant that people, especially elderly people, were struggling to get out of their homes and get to the chemist to get the things they needed.

“However, now that the street lights have stopped working, it’s basically a death trap at night.

“I’ve seen young and fit teenagers walking through it like 90-year-old pensioners because they’re so afraid of falling. There’s a range of ages living in this street, young families and elderly people, so it’s very dangerous.

“I accept the council are doing everything they can and are trying to help on a priority basis, but someone could really hurt themselves here, and it’s been the case for a while now.”

Heavy rain showers and rising temperatures over last weekend have now helped to clear the situation under foot. However, the street lights are still not working in Mossknowe.

A spokesperson for North Lanarkshire Council said: “The council received a report of two broken street lights on Mossknowe during the course of last week, and a further report that all street lights were out on Friday 14 January. Both reports are being investigated, and whatever action is needed to repair the fault will be taken as soon as possible.”