Driving home - the great festive getaway

The great Christmas getaway has begun!

Wednesday, 23rd December 2015, 1:19 pm
Driving home for Christmas

Some 19 per cent of people who drive home for Christmas make their festive journey on this date (December 23).

Far from a feeling of “bah humbug”, many see the drive as much a part of Christmas as tinsel.

Around 44 per cent of drivers will be spotting other people’s Christmas lights and decorations, whilst 36 per cent of drivers say they will sing carols.

Forget carols and cards and clementines - it’s the car journey home which most get us in the mood for Christmas, according to a new study released this week which suggests that our seasonal joy peaks in the car on the journey home.

Almost 60 per cent of Brits say the festive season really begins when they get into the car to travel home for Christmas, as this journey affords them the best opportunity for quality family time during the festive period.

Interestingly, over half of Brits, 56 per cent reckon the excitement and anticipation for the festive season really gets going when they head off on their journey to share their holidays with loved ones, knowing that it’s time to relax and get on with the fun part once the chaos, shopping and stress of December are over.

The study proves the old adage about it being better to travel than to arrive holds some truth, with close proximity to extended family, over-eating and Christmas telly fatigue having the potential to blight the big day itself.