Eastfield Primary goes to war

Eastfield Primary School WW1 23/10/2014
Eastfield Primary School WW1 23/10/2014

Eastfield Primary have been commemorating the First World War centenary in a big way.

A special two-day open event in the school last Wednesday and Thursday gave P4-P7 pupils the chance to demonstrate what they have learned about the conflict, following a wide variety of projects by classes focusing on various aspects of life at that time, on the Western Front and at home.

Eight classes in the school have been studying issues of the time, from specific battles such as Loos, to homefront issues such as the Suffragettes and rationing. This culminated in live presentations of their learning and a display of objects they had made or obtained, seen by some 400 parents and guests.

Depute head Lesley McPhee said: “The feedback we got from the parents and grandparents was amazing, people were very moved by the children’s presentations.
“A lot of the children have researched their family’s involvement in the First World War and some were even able to bring in their ancestors’ medals.”

Other schools also took an interest. Representatives of Chapelgreen Primary, which shares a headship with Eastfield, were in the audience as was Greenfaulds High history teacher Michael Bradley who is running the secondary school transition project. He said: “It was clear that this was the result of months of work by the teachers, pupils and parents. They’ve really taken to it and some of the presentations were quite moving emotionally. I was also impressed to see young pupils embrace complex subjects like the Suffrage movement.”