Burger vans to be hit by schools ban

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A 250-metre exclusion zone has been declared against burger vans near Cumbernauld and Kilsyth schools, as part of a bid to boost healthy eating.

But the council has yet to decide how the restriction will operate, and it could be weeks before the plan comes into operation.

It’s considered unlikely a ban could be enforced on any vans already operating with full licensing consent near North Lanarkshire schools.

And it has yet to be agreed how the distance from a school should be measure.

But while the detail has still to be worked out the policy move has signalled to hot food operators that the days of operating burger van s near schools are numbered

Learning and leisure convener Councillor Jim Logue, who proposed the move, said: “We have a moral duty to do everything we can to look after our children’s health.”

He added: “We accept that this is not a complete solution to the problem of obesity but we can’t sit on our hands here.”