Gaelic triumph for Mod squad

Condorrat Primary's top-performing Gaelic pupils
Condorrat Primary's top-performing Gaelic pupils
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Chaidh sgoilearan bho Bun-sgoil Chondobhrait a dh’ Inbhir Nis dhan a Mhòd Nàiseanta.

‘S e a chord riutha agus rinn cuid aca an gnothach air duais a bhuannachadh.

Which, as Condorrat Primary School deputy head teacher Marina MacLeod explains, translates as: “Some pupils of Condorrat Primary went to the National Mòd in Inverness.

“They really enjoyed themselves and some managed to come home with prizes.”

In fact around a dozen pupils won prizes at the flagship event which forms the highlight of the Gaeltacht cultural calendar.

It’s the latest triumph for a school with a proven commitment to the study of Scotland’s ancient Celtic tongue, bringing new honours to a teaching unit which has proven its youngsters – few of whom come from a Gaelic-speaking background – can compete among fluent Gaelic speakers at the very highest level with every prospect of success.

The Gaelic medium unit was launched at Condorrat Primary in 1997, and although the children are educated entirely in Gaelic they join the rest of the school for every other activity, such as school Assemblies and events.