MSP calls to cut red tape in teacher crisis

Margaret Mitchell
Margaret Mitchell

With Kilsyth Academy unable to teach home economics due to a nationwide staffing crisis, a Central Scotland MSP wants less red tape in teacher recruitment.

Margaret Mitchell MSP is pushing for ministers to fast-track reforms intended to allow teachers trained outside Scotland to get to work immediately.

There are currently 320 professional teachers unable to start work because they qualified elsewhere in the UK or overseas.

The Scottish Parliament’s education committee has concluded that teachers are deterred from working here because of a lengthy registration and retraining process.

Mrs Mitchell said: “It is ridiculous that Scottish Government red tape is preventing Lanarkshire schools from taking on fully qualified and experienced teachers.

“These are professional educators who are looking to use their skills to benefit our children and young people.

“Scotland’s teacher shortage is a national crisis and it is incredible that bureaucracy means pupils in Lanarkshrie are unable to benefit from the experience of teachers who are ready to take up posts,

“The SNP must put in place urgent measures so these teachers can apply for jobs without any further delay.

“Children only get one chance at their education and our pupils deserve better.

“It’s simply not good enough for Nicola Sturgeon to point to changes made years ago that just didn’t go far enough.

“Scotland has experienced, professional teachers ready to teach. The SNP Government needs to let them.”