Parents want Abronhill to be United

Abronhill United is bringing the parent councils of Abronhill, Whiteless and St Lucy's together
Abronhill United is bringing the parent councils of Abronhill, Whiteless and St Lucy's together

The parent councils associated with three schools have formed Abronhill United to bring the community closer together.

Last year parents from Whitelees, Abronhill and St Lucy’s primaries discussed a working partnership where ideas could be shared for the benefit of all.

Lindsay Wingate, a parent council member at Whitelees, said: “It quickly became clear many of us had grown up in Abronhill and we immediately began sharing fond memories of our own childhoods.

“We agreed that we wanted to unite the Abronhill community that bit further with this new group of three parent councils.”

The partnership will start on Friday, March 8, with a P7 Community Disco in St Lucy’s Church Hall.

Tickets are being sold in each school, with The Trio Chip Shop in Abronhill generously providing snacks.

Lindsay said: “As soon as The Trio management heard about the event, they were keen to provide support. We are so grateful for this!

“We believe community events such as this will provide a chance to form new friendships, build on existing ones and maybe even rekindle old ones amongst the parents.

“This event in particular could prove valuable for our P7 pupils as the high school transition looms large and will hopefully help increase their circle of friends that will ease this move to some extent.

“Our aim is to continue working in partnership for the benefit of all of the children in our area, to build on an already strong community foundation.

“We look forward to organising future events and would welcome support, particularly from local businesses or projects who may be interested in supporting us in some form or another.

“Abronhill has a wonderful sense of community and we hope this endeavour will demonstrate to our children the willingness to work together for the benefit of all.”

To learn more visit the Abronhill United page on Facebook.