Arria has a rival as new statue is unveiled

Cumbernauld’s silver lady Arria used to have all the bases covered when it came to sculptures that have drawn inspiration from our Roman heritage – but Silvanus is the new kid on the block!

Wednesday, 5th May 2021, 11:03 am

The Roman head sculpture is the newest resident at the Nethercroy site of the Antonine Wall -which is part of the UNESC0 Frontiers of the Roman Empire World Heritage site.

Like Arria, he was named by a public vote and were his military bearing not imposing enough, he is named after a woodland god who protects forests, fields and cattle!

Designed by artist Svetlana Kondakova and Big Red Blacksmiths, the figure looks out from the line of the Antonine Wall across the Kelvin Valley towards what the Romans considered ‘barbarian’ territory.

He is proudly situated next to a replica of a distance stone which was originally found at Westerwood created by talented students at the City of Glasgow College to raise awareness of the area’s precious Roman past.

Lorna Bowden, Planning & Place Manger with North Lanarkshire Council said: “The innovations are exciting, not just for the local community but for everyone with an interest in Roman history and the Antonine Wall. The local community is extremely proud of the heritage that’s right on their doorstep and this sculpture adds another element to the area’s story that people, young and old alike, can learn about and feel part of.”