Banton community hub plans advancing

Banton's Swan Inn: concept image with planned extension
Banton's Swan Inn: concept image with planned extension

A project to create a community facility within a Banton pub has made some major progress as planning permission has now been applied for.

The community group People United for Banton intends to take over the Swan Inn and re-establish facilities which have disappeared from the village in recent years.

The plans, which were drawn up by Bruach Design and Consultancy, include a shop, cafe and bar and can be viewed on the North Lanarkshire Council website.

Bruach director Colin Hastie said: “The design has been developed following extensive consultation with the local community. The proposed building will provide the resources and services which will most benefit the village, including a café, restaurant, shop, bar and flexible “multi-purpose” room. It has been important for us to keep the outline and style of the original building, which is so important to the history of the village. The original white wet dash finish will be replaced with a modern equivalent, and the new insertion to the first floor will be finished in a distinctly different material and set back to preserve the original outline. Sections of the roof will be replaced with glass to allow more natural light into the heart of the building, and a new glass enclosed entrance walkway will provide an inviting entrance to the new building. We are really excited about this project and the impact it will make to Banton, and look forward to seeing it progress!”

Catherine Moneypenny, P.U.B. secretary said: “We are a long way off from pulling our first pint, but this this is a huge step forward in bringing life back to Banton and is great news for the village and the surrounding area. The community had lost its heart when the post office and shop went. The threat of losing our pub was a step too far.

“Banton is no different to communities up and down the country. The post office goes and everything follows. With the proposals for our new hub, Banton is fighting back and ensuring that our community and the services we need, will no longer be impacted by decisions made by people outside our village.”