Barratt estate sparks fury

A major Barratt homes scheme now under construction close to the Westerwood Hotel has outraged a group of local residents.

They say they had no way of knowing their lives were going to be so badly disrupted by the streams of lorry traffic and noise and dust on the construction site on the hill above their homes.

And their argue the planning process, while technically in order, has ignored them while fast-tracking a scheme which will benefit only the builders and the council.

However for one Edenside couple the biggest problem is the “huge mound” that has appeared on the rise overlooking their back garden.

It is the platform for a home which will tower over their house, and which theyv argue will completely destroy their amenity.

It’s understood meetings have taken place with the developers, but – from the householders’ point of view – with no satisfactory result.

Besides what they argue will be the negative effect on their own lives they say the amenity of Westerwood in general will be destroyed by the extra volume of traffic that will be generated.

The residents have only reluctantly decided to state their grievances in the News, and then only because they consider it is in the public interest for readers to be aware of how this particular plan has unfolded.

We shall carry a full report detailing their concerns in next week’s edition.