Bin outcry continues in Cumbernauld and Kilsyth

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Cumbernauld and Kilsyth’s new bin system remains in “chaos” and was bound to be so because of the lack of thought that went into it by council bosses.

Councillor Paddy Hogg has branded the controversial new system a “debacle’ that should have been subject both to a consultation process at North Lanarkshire Council – and a pilot scheme if approved.

The Scottish Nationalist was reacting to a storm of protest at Cumbernauld Village Community Council last week about the failure of the council to lift existing bins and deliver new ones for different types of household waste.

Councillor Hogg said: “The policy intention is good and sounds good on paper but the implementation has been problematic. Every councillor has been swamped by complaints. There has been a lack of communication.

“So many places have different needs. A test to try out the new changes would have helped. There are cases of complaints being dealt with one at a time so officials will have a massive backlog.”

A council spokesperson emphasised that unpopular rules over separating food waste had to been maintained so the council was not fined for “contaminated recycling.”

She stressed that the plans had been extensively outlined in a widespread leaflet drop: “It’s inevitable there will be some issues while undertaking such a large-scale exercise and for the initial few months when a resident’s bin is tagged, they can log the details with the council and we shall make arrangements to uplift the bin.

“However if the householder is identified as a continually placing the wrong materials in the bin, the council is unable to life these bins.”

The spokesperson said that more biodegradable bags would be delivered within the week and previously issued bags could be used in the meantime.

It has also emerged MSP Jamie Hepburn has written to the council over the matter.

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