Calls to re-open Cumbernauld hub

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Carbrain has done without Wallbrae Community Rooms for too long and the council must act to re-open this much needed amenity.

That is the view of Carbrain Community Council who lost the facility when North Lanarkshire transferred its community centres to a trust three years ago.

They opted against including Wallbrae Community Rooms in its roster amidst claims they had fears about its long-term viability.

Yet moves are now afoot to try and restore the community hub to its former glory – simply because a growing number of locals are missing out on a multi-purpose venue in walking distance where they can get together for social and educational activities.

William Homer of Carbrain and Hillcrest Community Council said that he hoped recent negotiations with the council would pay off

He stated “People didn’t notice the closure at first but I think now we are really feeling it. It is the fact that we used to hold summer clubs and youth clubs in there as well as a toddlers group - who have been moved to two other venues since this shut.

“We feel that more people need this now.”

“Things are moving very slowly at the moment but we really hope that this place will re-open.

A petition which is unconnected to the community council is also doing the rounds.

It is being circulated by Carbrain woman Caroline Dickson who said: “As we have lots children in this area it would make sense for the Government or local council to put some money into it and have it repaired and have it used and run by the community with some funding from the Government.

It’s a waste of a building that could be put to good use for the whole community, We would be delighted if it was reinstated and repaired.”

A spokesperson for North Lanarkshire Council said “The council is currently considering using the former Wallbrae Community Rooms for operational purposes, although if this is not possible, we will consider alternative uses.”

Meanwhile it emerged that another defunct community centre in Kildrum may have a future too.

The spokesperson added: “The condition of Braehead Community Rooms is being assessed and we would be happy to discuss potential uses of the building with any interested parties.”