Cladding question answered for Cumbernauld residents

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Cumbernauld’s biggest social housing landlord has made a point of stressing that its high rises do not have the same cladding as Grenfell Tower.

The highly flammable covering has been widely credited with the rapid upward spread of the blaze that has claimed at least 79 lives.

A spokesperson for the Sanctuary told us last week that the blocks which are still occupied are regularly fire tested and have full sprinkler system provision.

However, the spokesperson stopped short of mentioning the cladding but has since confirmed that this variety of covering does not exist in these flats.

Our online coverage has since revealed that some concerned constituents have emailed MSP Jamie Hepburn and MP Stuart McDonald about safety fears regarding these buildings - and both men intend to pursue the matter with Sanctuary among others.

Meanwhile it has emerged that Holyrood will carry out a full investigation into the safety of such housing as an ongoing enquiry is extended to include high- rises.