Condorrat housing development safety row

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Housing giant Barratt has been taken to task amidst fears that there could be an accident on a site being cleared for luxury homes.

The site in question lies between Honeysuckle Drive and Auchenkilns Holdings where tree felling is currently underway to create the Chapleton Rise development.

A number of locals have raised concerns, amidst claims that the contractors have a lackadaisical attitude towards on-site safety.

Concerned resident Peter Low has taken the step of writing both to Barratt and North Lanarkshire Council’s building safety officers about the conditions he has seen so far.

Mr Low has particular fears about the fact that the works are taking place near a playpark – and wants Barratt to review the situation before someone is hurt.

He said: “During these works, the site has not been secured. There are no warning signs. There is no traffic management and it poses a significant health and safety threat.

“I am very surprised that Barratt would allow or instruct these type of works without taking the appropriate health and safety reviews.

“And I sincerely hope this does not provide an example of what local residents can expect during the development.”

David Scott, managing director for Barratt Homes said: “While our contractors are felling trees, nothing is currently being taken off site. This means no major traffic is going to and from the development. There is no risk to public safety.

“The play equipment within the open space is fenced off and is some distance from the works. The trees closest to the play area are not being removed and I have been assured that our professional contractors are following the correct procedures.

“We are removing the trees under licence from North Lanarkshire Council who own the site.”