Cumbernauld firm is match for midges

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The days of the midge could be numbered thanks to a mash-up of science and natural ingredients manufactured right here in Cumbernauld.

Lenziemill-based family business Dekassa used to concentrate solely on candles but now have a new range of insect repellants, called Wee Midgie

The firm stresses that the time is right to try them - as ominous reports suggest that there will be some 21 billion midges invading the Highlands this year!

Dekassa worked with Doctor Richard Thacker, a biologist at the University of the West of Scotland to test the range, which also wards off mosquitos on 40 participants

And it has now been scientifically proven as an effective deterrant to these pests.

Company owner Karen Inglis who comes from Abronhill said: “The Wee Midgie Range we created is a perfect solution to those who seek to enjoy the great Scottish outdoors.

“The lotion and body butter doesn’t just protect but moisturises. The spray is water based, light and non-greasy.

“We were delighted to work with Dr Thacker and the testing confirms what we always knew -that the range really does work.”