Cumbernauld gardening project trashed by vandals

A group of hardworking volunteers who spent months working on a project in woodland area at Carbrain Gully have been devastated to learn that their handiwork has been trashed by vandals.

Friday, 21st May 2021, 4:31 pm
Carbrain Gully

The volunteers involved were drawn from organisations like Carbrain and Hillcrest Community Council and the so-called Nature Ninjas group that is spearheaded by project directors Cumbernauld Living Landscape.

Volunteers from the Wild Ways Well family group discovered the sheer scale of the damage on a visit – only to see that thugs had pulled out wooden posts and scattered them over the planting area, trampled the soil, and littered the site.

The group which is based in the Scottish Wildife Trust office in Wardpark has vowed to carry on regardless -but has spoken out about the blow to morale provoked by the selfishness of those who sought to destroy all of what had been achieved to date.

Disapppinted CLL Project Officer David Walsh said: “Our volunteer group is distraught to see this mindless vandalism down the gully.

"Over the course of six months our volunteer group have been undertaking various conservation works to improve this area for the local community and wildlife.

" Our centrepiece was the installation of over a ton of specialised -and expensive - wildflower seeded compost into the largest raised bed in an effort to bring colour and pollinators to an area which had become badly overgrown with ivy.

"The effort put in by our dedicated volunteers over this period has been damaged by the efforts of thoughtless vandals.

"We will do everything within our power to rectify this situation and we know that we will have the support of the Carbrain community behind us.”

Willie Homer of Carbrain Community Council said: “It is a kick in the teeth especially as volunteers were involved. We know it reflects badly on our community. What the people responsible for this forget is that this is being done for them so they are actually harming what is really their own property. The majority of people in Carbrain are very supportive of these efforts. It is just a minority who lack respect.

"The project is continuing –we won’t stop trying to make improvements for this area. It’s not who we are.”