Cumbernauld twinning link gears up in Auld Alliance

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Efforts to consolidate the 40-year long ‘Auld Alliance’ between Cumbernauld and its French counterpart are continuing.

More individuals and organisations are being urged to get on board with the Cumbernauld Bron Association which is looking for new members - and is holding a meeting next week.

A key player in the link is Cumbernauld Rugby Club who teamed up with a club from Bron back in 1983.

The French club found themselves staying in the homes of their Cumbernauld counterparts when their accommodation arrangements fell through.

CRC past president Jim Cochrane explained that the two clubs have visited each other once a year to play a match and enjoy excursions together.

He said: “I would encourage any organisation to consider getting involved as the benefits to members are enormous.

“Not only does it help the development of sport but great enjoyment can be had from playing abroad or welcoming a foreign club.

“My own family has had a strong connection with the Galluchot family in Bron which has even extended to attending family weddings.”

Meanwhile a Cumbernauld RAF Veteran decorated by the French for his heroism in World War 2 has also backed the revival of the link.

Chevalier Geoffrey Payne (92), who was given the Legion of Honour for his role in liberating France, said: “I am so pleased that an effort is being undertaken to re-organise the organisation. This has developed lasting friendships.

“Now we as a country are involved in Brexit, it is more important than every for we, the ‘ordinary folk’ cement our relationship with the people of France and indeed, our other European neighbours, which in turn, can only bring about to better understanding.

“I would also trust that North Lanarkshire Council and our local councillors will give the association their 100 per cent support.”

The Cumbernauld Bron Association is holding its Annual General Meeting at the Muirfield Centre on Monday, August 7 at 7.30pm.

To express an interest in attending, contact the association’s Facebook page or email

Last month, a telephone kiosk gifted to Bron by the town back in 1983 was unveiled as an ingenious mini-lending library at a special ceremony.