Cumbernauld water main upgrade plans

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In a bid to prevent incidents like the water outage which hit 6,000 Cumbernauld homes in May, Scottish Water will upgrade the town’s mains.

Scottish Water confirmed it would invest in major improvements to the local network to help ensure the water supply was more reliable.

Engineers are currently planning the investment and it is expected the project will commence in autumn and be finished by spring 2018.

Scottish Water operations general manager John Rae said: “We have taken a number of steps in Cumbernauld to reduce the impact of burst water mains and minimise disruption to customers, such as the installation of a burst control valve and backfeeds, and this enabled us to limit the number of properties whose supplies were disrupted following the burst in May.

“However, we aim to further reduce the risk of disruption and we said after the incident in May that we would investigate further investment to improve our infrastructure.

“We can now confirm that we will make that investment in the local network and we are sure customers in the area will welcome this news.

“We look forward to starting the project soon and further details will be confirmed in the coming weeks.”

The investment has been welcomed by Stuart McDonald MP and Jamie Hepburn MSP, both of whom relayed the concerns of constituents who were upset over the water supply problems.

Mr Hepburn said: “This has caused concern, frustration and annoyance for people locally. I am very pleased they are making this investment.”