Cumbrnauld and Kilsyth called on to help hedgehogs

3412001 SSFF page 2 'Page 2 - Hoglet (baby hedgehog) in my garden
3412001 SSFF page 2 'Page 2 - Hoglet (baby hedgehog) in my garden

A national survey into hedgehog populations is appealing for help from people in Cumbernauld and Kilsyth.

Cheshire man Jack Riggall is compiling data on behalf of Hedgehog Street, which is seeking to stop the dramatic decline in hedgehog numbers.

Jack said “There were around 36 million hedgehogs in Britain in the 1950s. Today there are less than one million .”

Jack has been gathering information from all parts of the UK. “I have had reports from your area but sadly this has been in the form of pictures of roadkill. I am hoping to get more details to build up an idea of the local hedgehog population,” he said.

You can contact Jack with news of any hedgehog sightings at

Hedgehog Street is also keen to recruit volunteer “Hedgehog Champions” to promote awareness –see

The website also provides lots of tips on how to make your garden hedgehog-friendly, so that you can help this much-loved wild animal.