Firm will no longer offer balloon releases to protect the environment

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Party Blowout, based in Carbrain, has announced it will no longer offer balloon releases in a bid to stop them damaging the environment as fears grow balloons are killing birds and sealife .

A Government report published in May found plastic pollution in the sea is set to treble in a decade unless marine litter is curbed.

The firm’s Nicky French said: “We are asking our customers to support us in our quest to be part of an environmentally responsible industry and don’t let go of any helium filled balloons.

“We will be very happy to discuss and recommend alternatives to balloon releases with our customers so that they are still able to celebrate their special occasions with balloons.

“We are also advising customers at the end of their events to dispose of their balloons responsibly, using the easy to remember phrase ‘Pin it & Bin it’.”