Help not wanted from Carbuncle crew in Cumbernauld

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Organisers of the Carbuncle Award have been sent packing after offering an olive branch in a bid to improve Cumbernauld.

The Plook in the Plinth Award, which Cumbernauld won twice, is to be wound up amidst claims it is too negative

Instead its backers say they will concentrate on helping towns that have been named and shamed for their looks.

When pressed by the Cumbernauld News as to what precisely this involved, John Glenday of Urban Realm promised that experts would get involved to make improvements.

He stated: “Cumbernauld is currently experiencing the greatest change to its physical make-up since its formation with the demolition of all 12 of its tower blocks reshaping the skyline - but this is not yet reflected in the street-level experience.

“While developments such as Cumbernauld Academy are welcome they skirt the root cause of its issues.

Cumbernauld needs to ditch its scattergun approach and refocus its efforts on the town centre as without a heart there can be no hope. With the re-launch of The Carbuncles we aim to give Cumbernauld and communities like it the hope that they demand.”

Yet the conciliatory note struck by organisers has not gone down well with the organisations the scheme is supposed to help -chiefly Cumbernauld Development Trust.

And other key players such as MSP Jamie Hepburn and North Lanarkshire Council’s deputy leader Paul Kelly have also given the offer the cold shoulder.

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