Kilsyth church has done so much

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The generosity of Kilsythians will help schoolchildren thrive in the classroom thanks to the gift of vital supplies for their education.

Last week, a total of 350 filled backpacks donated from the community were loaded into vans from Kilsyth Burns and Old Parish Church.

Soon they will be shipped to Malawi by Mary’s Meals - an organisation that has been the subject of eight charity drives in the last seven years.

Organiser Mary Paterson said: “The project of giving children a start in life by providing the most basic of items to help their education has been taken to heart by our congregation.

“Thank you to everyone who donated money or items which have been used to fill all the backpacks.

“And thanks too to everyone who gave their time to buy sort, fold and pack items, ensuring all the bags were completed, so that no child would be disappointed.

“It’s good to know that the next time the bags are unloaded that they will be received by the children.

“We won’t be there to see the joy on their faces but we know the pleasure and opportunity they will bring and that is what makes it so worthwhile.”

Hannah Stewart, Head of fundraising at Mary’s Meals, said: “We are extremely grateful to Burns and Old Parish Church in Kilsyth for such an amazing effort to support the children who receive Mary’s.

“Backpacks filled with basic educational items, together with Mary’s Meals, help the children to make the most of their education.”