Kilsyth residents concerned about tap water smelling of chlorine

Residents of a Kilsyth street are complaining their water has been smelling of chlorine or bleach for the past few weeks.

Wednesday, 16th January 2019, 10:23 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th January 2019, 10:28 am
People living in Cavalry Park have been assured the water is safe by Scottish Water

Catherine O’Donnell of Cavalry Park first noticed the problem on Christmas Eve and reported it to Scottish Water and then again on January 5 and before taking to the utility company’s Facebook page on January 8.

She said: “We reported the problem right away and had a man turn up at the door advising we were not getting bottled water despite samples from other households in the estate being above the level they should be.”

It is claimed that chlorine readings from other houses in the estate were as high as 7.7 parts per million, Scottish Water own website states safe levels are up to five parts per million.

After complaining for a second time Catherine was told a sample would be taken on January 7, but this didn’t happen.

She said: “The tester was a no show and we had not had our water checked despite other households in the estate having water sample readings above average acceptable chlorine level.

“To say it was diabolical is an understatement, for us to be paying for a service which ignores our concerns and issues.”

Finally on Thursday the O’Donnell household had their water tested for chlorine and was found to have 0.97 parts per million.

A Scottish Water spokesperson said: “A small number of customers in Cavalry Park, Kilsyth, have contacted us with concerns regarding a smell of chlorine from their water supply.

“We have carried out tests on samples taken from the area and we would like to reassure those customers that the water is perfectly safe to drink.

“Further information explaining why customers might be able to smell chlorine in their water can be found on the Scottish Water website at”

Despite Scottish Water’s reassurances Catherine’s husband Richard is still not keen to drink the water.

He said: “I left a glass with water in it, after tasting it and it being unpleasant, for a few hours and it was stinking, it smelt like bleach”