Official opening planned for new Croy play development

Barbergs play area will open on August 4
Barbergs play area will open on August 4

Three years after the initial community meeting to discuss how to drive forward a new play area in Croy it is set to open on Saturday, August 4.

The Barbegs Play Development group will hold the the official opening of the new play park in the Barbegs area of at 11am.

The new park also includes a mini-bike track which will be ideal for young riders to hone their skills on.

It replaces a three piece metal park which was nearing end of life with a new, modern, robina wood park with triple the play opportunities, the highlight of which is sure to be the long zipslide at the top of the park.

The opening wil feature cake, NLL cycle coaches and bike mechanics, fun and free raffle, music, bouncy castle and much more.