Reported case of Alabama Rot in Cumbernauld

A rare case of a dog suffering from Cutaneous and Renal Glomerular Vasculopathy, commonly known as Alabama Rot, has been reported in Cumbernauld.

Tuesday, 4th February 2020, 3:49 pm
Telltale reddening around the back leg of a dog with Alabama Rot.

Alabama Rot damages blood vessels in the skin and kidneys of dogs and is known to affect all breeds regardless of age or weight.

As the cause of Alabama Rot is still unknown, there is no known way to prevent your dog from contracting the disease, although there have been cases of closely associated dogs becoming affected.

It’s thought the disease is picked up on the paws and legs on muddy walks, so owners are advised to always wash off woodland mud, check for warning signs such as skin lesions and sore skin, and if in doubt call the vet.

Alabama Rot causes blood to clot in the vessels which damages the kidneys. This causes ulcers on a dog’s skin and if not spotted early can lead to sudden and potentially fatal kidney failure.

The charity Vets4Pets has created an interactive guide for information on the disease, including confirmed locations and tips on how to reduce the risk of dogs becoming infected.

There has been just three reported cases of the disease in Scotland in contrast to the dozens in England and Wales.

The case in Cumbernauld was confirmed in October and was the first north of the border since Dumfries in January 2015, however another has since been reported in Hawick in December.

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