Town centre is cracking up

editorial image

Librarygoers and other visitors to the third floor of Cumbernauld Town Centre may have noticed a number of cracks which have appeared in the walls.

There are large cracks near the library entrance, next to the walkway leading past Happitots nursery, and at multiple other locations on the level.

A representative of Gatehouse Property Management, which runs Cumbernauld Town Centre, insisted there was no risk to the public.

The spokesperson said: “There is absolutely no danger to the public. We are aware of these cracks and would not allow members of the public access if there was any concern over building safety.

“Every shop unit and common area in the centre is regularly inspected and all defects or potential defects are logged and monitored.

“With a shopping centre the age of Cumbernauld you should expect to see cracks of this nature, you sometimes see them in new buildings. They are not a sign of instability in the structure.

“We work closely with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and other organisations and are accountable for the safety of the general public within the centre.”