Twechar Centre gearing up to help Syrians

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The woman behind a drive to welcome refugees to a specially designated base has been talking about the steps being taken to help.

Twechar Healthy Living and Enterprise Centre will be acting on behalf of East Dunbartonshire Council to provide a programme of assistance for the new arrivals.

Co-ordinator Sandra Sutton has been working closely with the authority who are currently preparing to process a case load from the Home Office.

No date has been given for the arrival but early summer is looking like a possibility - as a mix of housing association and council stock is allocated for the new arrivals, across the authority.

Sandra said: “Once the refugees have settled into their new homes, we will find out if they want to be involved with any of our centre’s activities and family events. We’ll offer conversational English and volunteering opportunities to help them to get to know people and help their English if they are interested.

“We don’t want to push them into anything or overwhelm them as they have been through enough. We want to offer the hand of friendship and let them know they are welcome.”