Water supply disrupted in Carbrain area

Scottish Water has had to issue an apology to householders in the Carbrain area after a ‘complex’ issue with a mains that has disrupted the supply in the Craigieburn Road area of late.

Tuesday, 16th March 2021, 3:24 pm
Craigieburn Road
Craigieburn Road

A number of residents have complained in recent days about stoppages to the water from the tap amidst concerns that there is a wider problem in the neighbourhood that urgently needs addressed.

Letters were sent out to homes telling them that action would be taken on Monday (March 15) and that a specialist approach would be adopted to solve the issue.

The Cumbernauld News contacted Scottish Water to find out more and it was confirmed that this was not a straightforward matter – but we were assured that the matter was in hand.

A Scottish Water spokesperson said: “Scottish Water would like to apologise to customers in the Carbrain area of Cumbernauld who have recently experienced interruptions to their normal water supply.

“We have been working to locate and repair a burst on a four-inch water main in Craigieburn Road.

"This is a particularly complex job given the location and depth of the main, the ground conditions and the location of other utilities in the area.

“Specialist equipment was brought in on Monday (March 15) to excavate and pinpoint the location of the burst to enable a permanent repair to be carried out.

“Meantime, bottled water has been distributed to customers affected.

"We have sent letters to customers apologising for any interruption to normal supplies and explaining the issue we’re dealing with here. Information has also been communicated on social media and our Scottish Water website.

“We are working to rectify the situation as soon as possible for our customers.

"Once again, we offer our sincere apologies and thank customers affected for their patience and understanding during these complex works.”

Wider concerns in recent years have been raised about the mains elsewhere in the southern part of Cumbernauld in densely populated locations like Kildrum and Abronhill. Underground works have burst on several occasions causing both water outages and serious flooding on key routes.