We demand answers as bin crisis enters its fourth week

Greenrigg road bins which have not been uplifted. Picture courtesy of Bill Henry
Greenrigg road bins which have not been uplifted. Picture courtesy of Bill Henry

North Lanarkshire Council has been asked to give a full account of itself as its new bin collection remains in a state of chaos.

This week the Cumbernauld News and Kilsyth Chronicle is demanding to know why thousands of householders are still without their bins more than three weeks after the controversial initiative’s launch.

Key questions have been asked as complaints continue to flood in - often from those who have repeatedly tried in vain for hour-long periods at a time to access a designated helpline.

The regulations governing uplifts have also plunged many of the town’s elderly residents into a state of confusion - prompting more calls to our newspaper - and to Cumbernauld Community Forum.

On behalf of our readers we have asked Councillor Michael McPake, NLC infrastructure committee convener, these key questions

l Were the department and staff involved realistically given enough time to implement the changes?

l Was enough really done to ensure that the public knew what the changes would involve - and was an information booklet really the best means to do this?

l Shouldn’t the changes have been orchestrated in a staggered fashion area by area?

l Why was there a refusal to discuss the matter at the most recent full council meeting?

l And finally - can the public expect a full investigation into what has gone wrong?

For the council’s response to these key questions, see this week’s edition of the Cumbernauld News and Kilsyth Chronicle.