‘Eyesore’ flats set for repair

The flats in Kilsyth
The flats in Kilsyth

A GROUP of landlords who own properties in the block of flats featured on our front page last week say moves are being made to have repairs carried out to the roof.

The building in Manse Court was damaged by storms towards the end of May, resulting in sections of its roofing felt and edging being ripped off.

We reported that residents in neighbouring Kelvin Gardens had grown concerned as nothing appeared to be happening to fix the damage.

However, William McMillan, one of the landlords, is hoping the repair work will commence shortly.

He said: “There are six different insurers. They all have to come out and inspect it and agree it.

“Five of them have come back to us and we’re just waiting on the last one now.

“We’ve already instructed a roofer who is ready to start.”