Eyesore garage on last warning

Photo Emma Mitchell. 12.10.15''Disused Petrol Station.
Photo Emma Mitchell. 12.10.15''Disused Petrol Station.

The council is set to take remedial action to force the owners of a derelict Muirhead garage to clean up the eyesore site.

For months local residents and businesses have complained about the dire state of the former garage at Crowwood on Cumbernauld Road.

Local Labour councillor John McLaren has repeatedly urged a revamp of the site, pointing out that it counters efforts to bring new business to the area and strengthen local amenity.

It was originally planned to include a shop, but the scheme never came to fruition and no development has happened at the site despite repeated complaints from the area’s business community.

More than 200 names have been gathered by the Chryston and Muirhead Business Community calling for action.

The group has also suggested screens around the site could be decorated with a mural, but it’s thought unlikely this would be approved.

Councillor McLaren had previously warned that the council would almost certainly take action itself, then try to recoup the money for the work if the owners failed to take action.

Now it’s understood the council is prepared to take action which as a priority would include the removal of any dumped material and weeds, and the removal of the former garage’s sign.

Councillor McLaren said: “We’ve waited long enough, with no sign of any action, and this eyesore really needs to be dealt with.”

Meanwhile it’s understood a suggestion that screens around the site could be used to host advertising is unlikely to be taken on board (assuming the owners do not take action).

It’s feared such a facility could attract fly-posting, presenting a new set of problems.

The council is expected to carry out the minimum level of works to address the problem if there’s still no improvement at the site, but that would certainly include screening the visual blight from the road.