Families will be ‘forced from homes’

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Local people will be forced out of their homes by Government policies that are hitting the most vulnerable people, claims MP Gregg McClymont after tabling a question to David Cameron at Prime Minister’s Questions.

He was referring to the controversial Bedroom Tax to be introduced in April which penalises families for having extra rooms in a bid to cut down on ‘under-occupancy’.

The Labour MP met with constituent Iris Henderson who contacted him on being informed that she will be hit by the Bedroom Tax and faces losing her home as a result.

Iris has spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia congenita and has spent considerable time and money to adapt her home to suit her needs.

“I used my opportunity to question Cameron this week to highlight how the Bedroom Tax is unfairly impacting people with serious conditions like Iris,” said Gregg McClymont.

“She has lived in her home for over 30 years and often has family members to stay with her. I don’t think we should punish grandparents who want to have a spare bedroom for when their grandchildren come to stay.

“The Government should be focusing on getting us out of recession by creating jobs instead of targeting the poorest families with a tax on bedrooms.

“I am holding a surgery for those affected by these changes on March 15 in Cumbernauld Town Centre when I hope to have professionals from Jobcentre Plus, the Citizen’s Advice Bureau and North Lanarkshire Council on hand to provide advice. Please feel free to contact my office on 01236 457788 for more details.”