Maisie Helen McAra
Maisie Helen McAra

Baby of the Week

PARENTS: Mum is Lisa McAra (31), who is a radiographer. Husband Ian (34) is a process operator for Devro. The couple live in Grangeneuk Gardens in Balloch. Maisie is their first child.

PREGNANCY: Fortunately for Lisa this went without too many hitches.

BIRTH: A lengthy labour process kicked off after 10pm but happily the length of it was the only problem.

BABY: Maisie lost some weight but is piling it on again like a true champ.

NAME: Maisie is a name the couple had always fancied and Helen was chosen to honour Lisa’s mum who passed away two years ago.

GRANDPARENTS: Lisa’s dad Billy Gray lives in Westerwood. Ian’s parents Ian and May live in Bellshill.

THANKS: Thanks go to both sets of grandparents and Ian’s sister Gillian. The couple would also like to express their gratitude to everyone who has been kind enough to send their good wishes and gifts.