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Frankie Jay Nardone Stirling
Frankie Jay Nardone Stirling

Each week the News and Chronicle spotlights the birth of a local baby or features newly-weds who have just celebrated their big day. This week: the birth of Frankie Jay Nardone Stirling.

DETAILS: Frankie was born in the Princess Royal in Glasgow on August at 3.23am on August 5, weighing in at 7lbs four ounces.

PARENTS: Dad is Francis Stirling (21), a lift engineer from Seafar and mum is student nursery nurse Natalie Nardone (20) who hails from Millerston. The pair live in the new apartment complex near St Mungo’s Walk.

PREGNANCY: Happily for Natalie this passed without event.

BIRTH: Some discomfort for Natalie here as Frankie was two weeks late but again there were no other problems.

NAME: The couple wanted to name their wee boy after dad and thought that a slight variation on the name would be appropriate.

GRANDPARENTS: Francis’ mum and dad Linda and James live in Braeface Road. Natalie’s mum and dad Brenda and Steve live in Millerston.

THANKS: To family, friends and hospital staff who did so much for Frankie.

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