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Keira Stewart
Keira Stewart

The birth of Keira Stewart

PARENTS: Louise and Ian Stuart of Manse Road Kilsyth. Louise is a staff nurse and Ian is a self-employed IT consultant. Both are 32. They already have a two year old son, Robbie.

PREGNANCY: Apart from morning sickness all went well.

BIRTH: The labour proved difficult for Louise after Keira was late. She was ultimately born by Caesarian section.

NAME: Mum and dad had been unable to agree on a name throughout the pregnancy but after the birth, mum mentioned Keira and dad wholeheartedly agreed.

GRANDPARENTS: Louise’s mum and dad Margaret and Jardine Smith live in Lennoxtown. Ian’s parents Robert and Grace live in South Dumbreck.

THANKS: To all the medical staff and friends in the Women and Childrens Unit in FVRH for their love, care and attention.

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