Baby Michael James Walsh
Baby Michael James Walsh

The birth of Michael James Walsh.

PARENTS: Mum is Lisa Joanne (31), a learning development officer with an insurance broker in Glasgow. Her husband Michael (28) is a worker in the building trade and the happy parents live in Mid Barwood Road, Kilsyth. Michael James is their first child.

PREGNANCY: Lisa Joanne had a “perfect” pregnancy. Yoga lessons and aqua-natal helped her relax.

BIRTH: Baby Michael James was 12 days over due, but doctors said that’s because he was so content with mum. Lisa Joanne went into hopsital at 7.30am and was out only four hours later.

BABY: Baby is eating well and is happy. He only cries when he needs fed, which is “quite often” according to mum, but is a pleasant and content baby.

NAME: The couple had long decided that if they had a boy he would be called Michael after dad and James, after Lisa Joanne’s father.

GRANDPARENTS: Lisa’s parents, James and Elaine Kelly live in Kilsyth and are delighted to have their first grandchild. Hubby Michael’s mum and dad, Michael and Joanne, stay in Croy and are over the moon to have a third grandchild to dote on.

THANKS: Lisa and Michael wish to give thanks to all their family and friends for their lovely gifts and cards, and also to all the staff at the hospital.

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