Rory Alan Price
Rory Alan Price

This week we highlight: the birth of Rory Alan Price.

PARENTS: Mum is Banton woman Susan Price nee Dixon who is 37 and works as a marketing officer for law firm McGrigors. Dad is Stuart Price (32) a self-employed painter and decorator who is a Kilsythian. The couple now live in Banton.

PREGNANCY: Perfect according to Susan, barring a spot of morning sickness. However the pregancy lasted for a whopping 11 days longer than originally planned - after this supposed Leap Year baby decided he wasn’t going anywhere!

BIRTH: A bit of a contrast to a very easy pregnancy because labour lasted some 36 hours. Because of Rory’s position in the womb staff in the birthing unit decided that a Caesarean was the best way forward. He was born two minutes before Susan was due to be induced. She said: “At least he came on his own, albeit with a bit of intervention.’’

BABY: Susan said: “Rory is coming on really well. We can see a lot of changes in him already. He’s becoming more and more alert where we can see his personality developing.

NAME: Both Susan and Stuart loved the name Rory and the middle name was a very special tribute to Susan’s dad who sadly passed away two days before she discovered she was pregnant.

GRANDPARENTS: Mary Dixon of Mailings Road Banton and great granny Rosina Mitchell of U.P Lane Kilsyth.

THANKS: To hospital staff plus family and friends for gifts and support.