Cole Ronnie David Miller
Cole Ronnie David Miller

The birth of Cole Ronnie David Miller.

PARENTS: Cumbernauld lass Ashleigh Murphy (20) who is a full time student studying for a HNC in Social Care. Dad is David Marshall Miller (22) from Carbrain who is a blacksmith, welder and fabricator. Cole is their first child.

PREGNANCY: An easy one by the sound of it - happily for Ashleigh this went without any major hitches to speak of.

BIRTH: Some babies are just determined to get out there and say hello to the world. Cole is one such example. He couldn’t wait and was born three days early. However the labour itself was a prolonged one – it took a whopping 23 hours!

BABY: Thankfully cutie Cole is coming on like a young champion and winning lots of fans with his sweet nature. Ashleigh said: “Baby is well, very happy and content’’

NAME: A natural choice by all accounts but the couple wanted to cover all the bases by honouring family members. Ashleigh said: “Cole was our favourite name that we both agreed on.’’ Ronnie is after an uncle, David is a popular name in the Miller family .

GRANDPARENTS: On Ashleigh’s side, gran is Moira Dougan of Cumbernauld. On David’s it’s David and Margaret Miller of Carbrain.

THANKS: The parents would like to express their gratitude to hospital staff and the many family and friends for their support during the pregnancy and their lovely gifts and cards for Cole.