Faulty fitting leaves Arria in the dark

Arria at night
Arria at night

A FAULTY light fitting has lead to Cumbernauld’s Arria standing in darkness for more than a week.

The iconic steel statue, which overlooks the M80, normally casts a warming glow over the stretch of road as a system of lights within the structure run through the spectrum of colour.

However, a fault in the lighting system has resulted in the 33ft statue being sapped of its usual brightness for an estimated nine days.

A spokesman for Campsies Centres Cumbernauld Ltd said: “A fault developed in the Arria lighting system and a replacement fitting was installed.

“It appears there was a second failure within a couple of days and this is being investigated by lighting contractors.

“There will be no cost to Campsies Centres as the lighting system remains under warranty.”