Fenced off

COMMUTERS are facing lengthy detours as they try to negotiate their way through Carbrain en route to a key transport hub.

The straight road to Cumber-nauld station has been blocked off as part of the construction site which has blocked off much of North Carbrain.

Contractors working on behalf of housing agency Sanctuary are moving in to create 73 new houses – but many locals argue that the fenced off area has made most of Carbrain a no-go area.

Several years ago, North Lanarkshire Council gave Carbrain Gully a facelift in a bid to make this a walkway to the station – but the area is secluded and vulnerable to flooding.

Andrew Stephen of the Cumbernauld Commuters’ Association said he was displeased about the fencing, especially as few public transport options are available to the station – which lies at a remove from much of the town.

Mr Stephen said: “Anything that hinders local pedestrian access to and from the station is quite unacceptable.”

Sanctuary Cumbernauld director Peter Martin said there was every justification for fencing off the route, however.

He said: “Building sites are extremely dangerous places. That is why health and safety experts have recommended that the site remains fenced off.

“With all sites we have to balance genuine health and safety concerns with disruption to residents and I think everyone would agree that this disruption is preferable to someone being killed or seriously injured..

He added: “It is obviously not our intention to annoy Carbrain’s residents – if we could do anything about this, we would. Unfortunately, there is no alternative to fencing off the full site, which we have the statutory authority to do.

“I can assure residents that Sanctuary Cumbernauld will continue to look at ways of minimising the disruption until the last of the 73 new homes are built. However, the safety of the public is paramount and will always be our first consideration.

”The perimeter fence is there for a reason. Anyone breaching the fence is risking their life and is strongly advised not to do so.”.

Meanwhile it emerged that a fresh business venture may be coming to another local station.

It is understood that Croy Station is to have its own kiosk – and management are now seeking out a potential owner who will trade on-site.