Fishy fun no mean feat

Our Julie gets a taste of the tootsie-tickling experience at Happy Feet
Our Julie gets a taste of the tootsie-tickling experience at Happy Feet

There’s a fishy addition to Cumbernauld shopping centre, but it’s not a chippy.

Happy Feet is a new marine pedicure stop, which allows zero calorie enjoyment of aquatic life.

The cutting edge treatment, available at an Antonine Centre booth, is already a hit with shoppers.

Customers who fancy pampering, sit on the bench to have their feet rinsed, before dipping them into a tank of Garrarufas.

The gentle fish then suck at dry skin, acting as a natural exfoliator and leaving baby soft feet.

The process is painless, as the Garrarufas have no teeth, and so can be experienced by adults and children alike.

The jacuzzi sensation is proving popular with both men and women, and that’s something that inspired owner Garry McNulty, to open the business.

He said: “One of the guys that works with us used it in Tenerife, and he said it was a very pleasant experience, it removed all his dead skin.

“And he is sporty – not the type to go to a beautician!”

As well as aesthetic benefits, the Middle Eastern fish produce an enzyme which can be holistic, improving blood circulation, conditions of eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

A perk which, combined with Happy Feet’s UV light filters and water recycling, help keep both fish and feet healthy.

With such positive effects its no surprise Gerry is seeing customers becoming regulars. He added: “Once your get over the tickling sensation, it’s relaxing, and quite addictive.”

To celebrate their local clients, Happy Feet are offering free spa treatments worth £10 each to 30 Cumbernauld News and Kilsyth Chronicle competition winners. To be in with the chance of winning this moreish treatment, see your News and Chronicle for competition details.