Fizzing sales for Irn-Bru

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Sales at Cumbernauld-based soft drinks firm AG Barr are continuing to rise, in line with continued expansion into English markets of Irn-Bru and other products.

Latest figures show total sales up 5.2 per cent for the 15 weeks to May 11 over the same period last year.

This is said to be in line with its strategy of increasing distribution down south, via the Milton Keynes plant it opened last year.

Industry pundits suggest Barr’s decision to abandon a bid to merge with rival Britvic hasn’t damaged future growth prospects, although the firm – apparentloy confiodent of maintaining its momentum – has described the soft drinks market as “volatile”.

The firm will have a conspicuous presence in its home market during the Commonwealth Games, for which it is one of the sponsors.

Meanwhile the company’s top level leadership is changing, with current chairman Ronnie Hanna set to retire at the end of the year after five years in the post and 11 years on the board.

He will be replaced by board member John Nicolson, who is now deputy chairman.