Flaming madness

TERRIFIED residents in Balloch witnessed youths run riot in their gardens on Saturday night - and stole wheelie bins with the express purpose of setting them alight.

The disorder centred round the Ben Ledi Crescent area around 7pm when a gang of some 30 youths wreaked havoc in the quiet residential area - which has a high concentration of elderly residents.

Males AND females, some in their late teens were seen to swamp the street and were in no doubt as to what they wanted from each home.

We understand that residents could only look on in horror as their gardens were plundered by the youths who removed the blue bins, with the requisite ‘fuel’ handily stored inside - paper earmarked for recycling.

The bins were then dragged to adjacent woodland where they were set ablaze. It is thought the area was being used as a drinking den.

See this week’s Cumbernauld and Kilsyth Chronicle for the full story.